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Austin Hardware® is a proud partner with H.B. Fuller and Gorilla Professional Grade® products.


About H.B. Fuller

Throughout our history, H.B. Fuller has built upon our knowledge to continually innovate. From the first hot pick-up “gum” to being one of the first U.S. companies to specialize in waterproof adhesives, H.B. Fuller has paved the way for adhesives to improve products and lives across the globe. Today, our focus on innovation brings together people, products, and processes that answer and solve some of the world’s biggest adhesion challenges. We are connecting what matters™.

About Gorilla Glue

The Gorilla Glue Company is based in Cincinnati, Ohio, and has been selling Gorilla Glue® for over two decades. On a mission to make products that deliver impressive results, the company has since expanded its offerings to include Gorilla Tape®, Gorilla® Super Glue, Gorilla® Construction Adhesive, and other premium tapes, sealants, and adhesives. At Gorilla, we believe in high-quality products and choose to only put the Gorilla logo on products that meet rigorous development standards.

Two Companies – One Vision

H.B. Fuller is proud to introduce GorillaPro, the best of the best MRO product line with unique differentiation: packaging, dispensing, products, and color coding. Together, H.B. Fuller and Gorilla Glue have combined technology, innovation, and unbridled brute strength to deliver the next evolution of solutions for countless industrial fixes.

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Industrial Grade Products

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The GorillaPro® product line offers  several different products for different types of applications, including:

  • Threadlockers
  • Retaining Compounds
  • Gaskets and Sealants
  • Instant Adhesives
  • Epoxies and Urethanes
  • Anti-Seize Lubricants

At Austin Hardware®, we carry a wide variety of GorillaPro® products. To shop our complete line of products, visit the link below. 


Product Catalog


GorillaPro Product Catalog

Austin Hardware® is a leading supplier of industrial hardware to equipment manufacturers nationwide. Nobody offers you a greater hardware selection for the widest range of applications across more industry categories. Discover a diverse line of professional-grade products for a variety of uses in industries just like yours. 

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Industries Served


The GorillaPro® product line offers Industrial Strength Solutions for Every Industry. Some of the top industries served are:

  • Service Centers
  • Oil & Gas
  • Power Generation
  • General Manufacturing
  • Mining & Quarries
  • Transportation



Unless otherwise noted, trademarks are property of H.B. Fuller Company or one of its affiliated entities. Gorilla, GorillaPro, and Gorilla Professional Grade are registered trademarks of The Gorilla Glue Company. 

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"Since my company entered into a vendor managed inventory program with Austin, our service levels and in-stock position on our parts have never been better.  We consolidated 23 suppliers down to one, Austin. 

Now we only have one invoice to review, one shipment to check in and we are in stock 99% of the time!  Austin has one of the best customer service teams we work with, I would recommend this program to anyone who needs to take control of their inventory and be sure to have the parts you need on the shelves!"

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Gary from Ohio

"I wanted to send along some great news. We have experienced a few problems with shipping over the years, but the solutions that you put in place over the last few weeks have been very positive. On another note, Tom and Emma, the Vendor Managed Inventory team that I have been working with, have done a great job responding to concerns and questions in a timely fashion. That fact is another reason our VMI program is successful and getting stronger every day. Our overall numbers continue to increase and we are looking forward to the growth in 2017."
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Shawn from Texas