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ABLE II™ | Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

In today's market, you need help managing your inventory and we can help.

Do you want to streamline purchasing and stocking processes, ensure the right hardware inventory is on hand when you need it? Austin’s Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) program is the first of its kind for lock and latch hardware and is designed to improve parts availability and reduce expenses. 

If you find yourself looking for solutions to these common inventory management issues, our ABLE II system can help you solve them:

Let Austin Hardware® help you get the right quality and quantity on the shelf at the right time.

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What is ABLE II™ VMI?

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) is exactly what the name suggests. A program in which one of your vendors acts as a partner who takes on the day-to-day tasks and responsibility of managing your inventory.

ABLE II Vendor Managed Inventory Solutions:

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What are the benefits of having a supplier manage MY inventory?  In a word … $MONEY$.

Now that’s obviously an oversimplification. But when you break it down and look at all the different parts of the replenishment cycle our ABLE II program can impact, it becomes easy to see the benefits.

ABLE II™ VMI Benefits :

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Consigned ABLE II™ VMI

Consignment Inventory Management

Inventory that is still owned by the supplier (Austin Hardware®), but you as our customer, have it on hand. When your business uses or sells the inventory, we THEN get paid.  This option allows you to free up capital that would otherwise be needed to purchase the inventory in advance, creating a form of financial security and freedom for you and your business.

The basics:

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Non-Consigned ABLE II™ VMI

Non-Consigned Inventory Management

The more traditional Vendor Managed Inventory program is Non-Consigned VMI.  In a Non-Consignment program, you as our customer pay for the inventory as it’s brought in, and whenever replenishment is necessary.

The basics:

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Are You Ready To Save Time & Money On Your Inventory?

In your business, you have a multitude of buy-sell relationships.

Wouldn’t having a partner be more efficient and beneficial? With a Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) program, you can have just that!

Aside from having a close relationship with your supplier, there are a variety of benefits to utilizing a VMI program inventory management method, such as cost savings, forecasting, inventory management and more.

It really is that easy.

"Since my company entered into a vendor managed inventory program with Austin, our service levels and in-stock position on our parts have never been better.  We consolidated 23 suppliers down to one, Austin. 

Now we only have one invoice to review, one shipment to check in and we are in stock 99% of the time!  Austin has one of the best customer service teams we work with, I would recommend this program to anyone who needs to take control of their inventory and be sure to have the parts you need on the shelves!"

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Gary from Ohio

"I wanted to send along some great news. We have experienced a few problems with shipping over the years, but the solutions that you put in place over the last few weeks have been very positive. On another note, Tom and Emma, the Vendor Managed Inventory team that I have been working with, have done a great job responding to concerns and questions in a timely fashion. That fact is another reason our VMI program is successful and getting stronger every day. Our overall numbers continue to increase and we are looking forward to the growth in 2017."
VMI Reviewer 2

Shawn from Texas