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- SAFE ASSIST by Austin Hardware® (patent pending)




Safe Assist Logo VariationThe SAFE ASSIST is a NEW and revolutionary product from Austin Hardware®.

The patent pending lightweight, heavy-duty ramp door assist eliminates the physical strain of opening and closing heavy ramp doors by rendering the door virtually weightless. All that’s required is the strength of a single finger throughout the complete motion.

Unlike traditional ramp assists, the design of SAFE ASSIST eliminates the need for dangerous cables that can snap or create a tripping hazard.

Our lightweight aluminum design is non-corrosive and maintains balanced weight distribution through the full range of motion, meaning the door won't slam when it reaches the fully open or closed positions.

SAFE ASSIST also has a fully enclosed and concealed design to prevent corrosion over time, contributing to greater longevity and improved aesthetics.




- Key Benefits

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  • Eliminates dangerous cables
  • Eliminates the physical strain and danger of a heavy ramp door
  • Maintains balanced weight distribution through the full range of motion
  • 100% Concealed
  • Adjustable
  • Constructed of non-corrosive, heavy-duty aluminum
  • Lightweight


- Mounting Kits


SAFE ASSIST Mounting Kits Make Installation Even Easier

Our optional mounting kits offer the benefit of having lock nuts welded to a mounting plate, making installing SAFE ASSIST easier because you no longer need two tools to do the installation.

The mounting plates are made from heavy steel and act as a backer for soft materials like aluminum frames. They also have a special coating to prevent corrosion for up to 500 hours of salt spray protection.

Each SAFE ASSIST Mounting Kit includes:

  • 2 mounting plates
  • 4 mounting bolts

The kits can be purchased with 5", 6", 7", or 8" long bolts to meet the needs of any application.

Part # SA-MK-5 - SAFE ASSIST Mounting Kit with 5" Bolts

Part # SA-MK-6 - SAFE ASSIST Mounting Kit with 6" Bolts

Part # SA-MK-7 - SAFE ASSIST Mounting Kit with 7" Bolts

Part # SA-MK-8 - SAFE ASSIST Mounting Kit with 8" Bolts

- Austin Engineered

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The new SAFE ASSIST is Austin Hardware® designed, manufactured, and patent pending.

At Austin, we serve a variety of different industries providing excellent engineered solutions for large and small companies, as well as many OEMs. Click the link below to learn more about our engineering capabilities. 

Link to engineering page


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