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- Austin Hardware's Tiny House Solutions

In the last decade, we have seen the rise of tiny homes, van dwellings, and other mobile housing alternatives. This tiny living movement has taken off and has grown in popularity. Tiny living is a great choice for young people and retirees alike, as well as families – there are many different ways to live small - whether you are looking to simplify your day-to-day or hit the road for big adventures. If you want to go tiny, you are entering a vast world of possibility.

From the option to live wherever you want to save money and space, the possibilities are endless. We know you have questions and concerns about hardware, and that's why we carry top-of-the-line hardware for both consumers and manufacturers.

We also have extensive engineering capabilities to help you create the custom hardware for your custom build. If you are looking for tiny home solutions, we are ready to help you find the hardware you need.

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- Build Inspiration

Getting inspired is easy, but we want to show you what inspires us! Check out some of these custom builds and fill out the form below to contact us for great #tinyhome, #vanlife, and other types of custom small space builds. Get on the road with Austin Hardware®. 


- Specialty Hardware We Carry

When it comes to tiny homes, van life builds, and even RVs, we carry a wide variety of specialty hardware that is perfect for compact applications, we've worked with a lot of great custom builders to supply quality hardware for tiny homes, vans, and other small spaces. 


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- Lighting

Whether you need interior lighting, trailer lighting, or DOT-approved lighting solutions we have you covered with a variety of LED lighting for both interiors and exteriors. In small spaces, lighting is key for comfort, visibility, and safety. Whether you are installing custom interior lighting or using it for exterior vehicular lights, we can help you find the lighting solutions you need. 

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- Drawer Slides

When you're living in a tiny home, RV, or doing van life on the road, storage is everything. You want to maximize your storage availability in minimal space. In such a small space,  you have to get creative and think outside of the box for custom solutions. Our wide selection of drawer slides can help you with sliding storage solutions that tuck away out of sight, allowing seamless storage solutions in your tiny house or van. 

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- Handles & Railings

When it comes to tiny spaces, handles, railings, and similar types of hardware make mobility and safety key. Whether you're climbing into an overhead loft or creating separate living spaces in one small space, handles and railing are crucial for any tiny home or van build. Check out our selection of handles and railings here: 


- Roll Up Door Hardware & Gas Springs

One of the great things about a tiny home is the creative ways you can optimize your space. Using gas springs or roll-up door hardware can help you open up your space as well as support larger doors, windows, and storage panels. At Austin Hardware®, we have a wide variety of custom hardware and our own line of Genesis™ gas springs. 

Gas springs

- Fenders, Jacks & Weather Strip

Our complete selection of fenders, jacks, and weatherstrip is a great solution for tiny homes built on a mobile platform or rolling homes. If you want your tiny home to be mobile but also safe, stable, and protected from the elements, look to us for your tiny house needs.

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- Van Life Hub

Van life is a great way to enjoy a tiny home while still being able to travel freely. While technically, van life could be a whole other way of life, the demands of creative storage in a small space are still the same. Enter our hardware solutions. We have worked with several top van builders and some of the top manufacturers in the RV industry. We are happy to work with you on your custom build to provide, source, or engineer the hardware you need. 

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Now we only have one invoice to review, one shipment to check in and we are in stock 99% of the time!  Austin has one of the best customer service teams we work with, I would recommend this program to anyone who needs to take control of their inventory and be sure to have the parts you need on the shelves!"

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