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- About the Genesis™ Line Of Products

Why Genesis™ by Austin Hardware®? We believe that we can add value to your company and your products through our engineering, assembly, and sourcing efforts. Our products have Proven Success - From our Genesis™ Gas Springs, Patented Drawer Release Systems, Easy Open Vents, Flexible Cowl Vents, Strut Nut Kits, and Folding Steps to our game-changing LifeDefender Cabinet Security Systems! We guarantee quality parts and products.

- Drawer Release Systems

Our complete line of drawer release systems is designed to work with one-handed applications including the patented Front Drawer Release (FDR) system. 

Button - Drawer Release - Line Card-1 drawer release prodrawer release lite

- Gas Springs


Our line of Genesis™ Gas Springs is known for quality and reliability. Austin Hardware’s Genesis Gas Springs Part Finder makes it easy for you to find the parts you need. You can choose from seven different options and make your selection based on these factors. 

Read Our Industry Blog Here

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- Ventilation

At Austin Hardware we specialize in providing quality ventilation products to use in a variety of applications and industries. Check out some of our Genesis™ brand ventilation products below. 

Easy Open Vents flexible cowl vent louvered vents

- Ceiling IV Hanger

EMT’s and ambulance personnel are under tremendous pressure. They have to concentrate and react quickly to care for their patients, and they have to do it while trying to stay on their feet in a fast-moving vehicle. The engineers at Austin Hardware and Supply, Inc.®  have designed a new, patent-pending ambulance IV hanger system that allows for one-hand operation, enabling the EMT to engage the IV bag quickly and more safely. If you’re an ambulance manufacturer looking to improve your selling advantage or an ambulance owner who wants to make your vehicle as safe as possible for EMTs and patients alike, visit our product page to learn more about this innovative new product.

Ceiling IV Hanger Button

- Folding Step & Lights

When thinking about keeping the end-user of your products safe to serve others in need, we had a bright idea that led to introducing the Folding Step and light module

folding step

- Strut Nut Kits

Strut Nut Assembly Kits: 

Genesis™ Strut Nut Kits make it easy to mount and adjust your drawer assemblies.


- Protective Panels

Helping Your Employees Return to Work Safely

As businesses continue to reopen despite there being a risk presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is as critical as ever to ensure the safety of employees. Austin Hardware® engineers have developed clear polycarbonate protective panels in various standard sizes that can be used in many applications within a business setting. Read Our Industry Blog Here. 

Protective Panels Button

- Door Grabbers

Installation of grabbers is often tricky, and slight misalignment between the male and female components can cause wide variations in the force required to operate the grabber. That is why we designed the adjustable door grabber. Austin’s door grabbers are adjustable up & down and side to side for easy alignment.



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"Since my company entered into a vendor managed inventory program with Austin, our service levels and in-stock position on our parts have never been better.  We consolidated 23 suppliers down to one, Austin. 

Now we only have one invoice to review, one shipment to check in and we are in stock 99% of the time!  Austin has one of the best customer service teams we work with, I would recommend this program to anyone who needs to take control of their inventory and be sure to have the parts you need on the shelves!"

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"I wanted to send along some great news. We have experienced a few problems with shipping over the years, but the solutions that you put in place over the last few weeks have been very positive. On another note, Tom and Emma, the Vendor Managed Inventory team that I have been working with, have done a great job responding to concerns and questions in a timely fashion. That fact is another reason our VMI program is successful and getting stronger every day. Our overall numbers continue to increase and we are looking forward to the growth in 2017."
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