Austin Hardware® | Committed to Exceptional Customer Service

Our goal is to provide you with the right parts, at the right time.  Not only can Austin Hardware® serve as your company's supply chain, but our solutions consultant team can add value to your business by working to solve your biggest problems. 

Help us by filling out this form, sending our solutions team information about you and your company for us to understand how we can better serve you.

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Good customer service means providing that "WOW" factor.

When a customer calls in and they hang up with that call, they are going "WOW" that was a phenomenal experience.

One of the biggest things Austin Hardware® looks for when hiring customer service team members is problem-solving skills. We have so many customers with unique situations. Our team has the ability to talk, have a conversation and solve that problem with our customer.

The second thing we look for is empathy. Customer service who can feel what our customer is struggling through and get on the same page and connect with the same feeling our customer is feeling at the time of the call.

ALL of our people love being here. When you are on the phone with someone who loves doing what they are doing and where they are at, that is communicated and conveyed in conversation and that takes our customer service to the next level.