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- EMS Solutions from Austin Hardware


Austin Hardware® is a leading supplier to essential, life-saving industries. We provide critical care products for EMS personnel in ambulances, fire trucks, and emergency vehicles. Our engineering team works hard to provide top-of-the-line products that save lives. The average EMS response time is less than 20 minutes, and each minute during an emergency response is crucial for patient care.

We work hard to provide quicker response times for emergency medical teams. Enhancing patient care is important to providing the best safety solutions. Our complete safety solutions are designed to save lives and support essential industries.  


- LifeDefender Cabinet Security Frames

When it comes to safety, LifeDefender™ not only meets the industry standards, we helped to establish them. From our beginnings, we worked with a select group of emergency vehicle and ambulance manufacturers to set the toughest safety standards as well as design products that meet these standards.

Our rigorous safety standards keep occupants inside emergency vehicles safe during transport. Austin Hardware's LifeDefender™ Cabinet Security Frames have been designed to provide a solution to meet the *SAE, CAAS GVS & NFPA safety standards. In addition to meeting strict safety standards, our frames are crash-tested to ensure that the vehicle occupants, EMS workers, and patients are safe during transport and in case of an accident.  


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- Ceiling IV Hanger

Changing out an IV bag creates a critical moment of compromise for the EMT because most IV hangers require them to use two hands to thread the bag. This puts the EMT in a dangerous position should the ambulance suddenly change direction or stop.

The engineers at Austin Hardware and Supply, Inc. have designed a new, patent-pending ambulance IV hanger system that allows for one-hand operation, enabling the EMT to engage the IV bag quickly and more safely.


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- B Lift

The B-Lift is a hydraulic bariatric power lift, that provides an improved patient experience, reducing the potential for trauma during loading, and a safe, time-reducing lift, on-site for faster transportation.

A battery-powered, vehicle-mounted lift offers high patient and EMT safety during patient transfer into the ambulance. Our B-Lift promotes the well-being of the patient as well as those operating the lift, leading to fewer injuries for both parties.


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- Squad Bench Latch

Squad Bench Latch Pic 4

Austin Guaranteed Engineered Solutions™ is proud to introduce a new and patent-pending product for the emergency vehicle market: the Squad Bench Latch (SBL). The SBL allows for one-handed operation, is easy to install, and requires no cutouts in the bench or lid.

Part Numbers: SBL-KIT: Slam latch system that holds squad bench lid closed in an

Optional mounting jig to help you install the squad bench latch quickly and easily: SBL-JIG


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- O2 Bottle Lift N' Stow™ Counterbalance System*

Oxygen bottle lift cropped

Never strain to lift heavy oxygen bottles into an ambulance again.

  • Automatic locking system integrated into lifting handles makes it easy to raise and lower
  • No electricity required
  • Delivers up to 27" of travel
  • Works on lefthand and righthand doors
  • Meets all industry crash test requirements

*Patent Pending 


- Snap N' Stow™ Bin Organizer System



Our new bin organizers will help make stocking and re-stocking a snap while keeping everything safe while the vehicle is in motion.


Coming soon!


- Customer Reviews

Quotes about LifeDefender from users

"... helps streamline the production process."

"Best in the industry, last longer, tougher, and priced competitively."

"We always strive to make the most robust and safest patient compartment. Many of our customers look for safety above all else, and LifeDefender is a piece of the puzzle that helps make the sale."

"They are respected in the industry and easy to install."

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